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"Fabulous for Language Development! "
R. Finch, New York

Title:  Disney Picture Dictionary

Binding:   Large Oversize Hardcover
List price:   $14.95
Your cost:     $8.75
Pages:         142
Dimensions:  12.2 x 9.8 x 0.5 inches
Shipping Weight: 1.7 pounds.

(Reading Level: Ages 3-7)
This big, colorful "Disney Picture Dictionary" is packed with more than 900 entries. This picture dictionary features Disney characters with every word. Characters from Monsters, Inc., A Bug’s Life, Toy Story, as well as Mickey Mouse, Ariel, Bambi, and Donald Duck, romp through the book, seeming to jump out of the pages in their enthusiasm to encourage little readers-to-be. An alphabet strip runs down the outer edges of each page for reference. The book was developed to help preschoolers and young grade-schoolers develop language, spelling, and vocabulary skills.

Endorsed by chapters of the Order of the Sons of Italy, Fieri,
 UNICO, and Canada's CIBPA.
Title:   "The Golden Milestone - The Italian Heritage of Innovation and Contribution to Civilization (4th Edition)
Binding:  Paperback
List price:   $19.95
Your cost:   $18.95 Total  ...this book ships FREE anywhere in the U.S.
Pages: 549

C. J. Lepore, publisher of Amici magazine, said this:
"A milestone achievement...no other book on Italian heritage offers readers more....an indispensable resource."

This highly acclaimed and uniquely comprehensive book offers readers over 2,500 years of Italian and Italian-American accomplishments. The book's 22 chapters covers every subject, from the arts and sciences to sports and entertainment celebrities.

This book also includes a unique 'Italy Travel Guide' supplement that combines history and attractions for over twenty cities and locations in Italy. A great gift idea for any occasion !

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"I strongly recommend this book... to play the game the right way."

Alex Rodriguez (American League MVP 2003)

Title:  The Complete Illustrated Guide to the Fundamentals: Play Baseball The Ripken Way
Author:  Ripken, Cal Jr. et al

Binding:  Hard Cover
List price:  $24.95
Your cost:  $8.95
Pages: 236

From Publishers Weekly: This book is the next best thing to a personal lesson with the man who broke Lou Gehrig's record of playing in 2,632 consecutive games; it's a comprehensive look at all aspects of how to play baseball that will benefit young players and adult weekend warriors. Assisted by his brother Bill, who also is a Major League veteran, and Sports Illustrated baseball editor Burke, Ripkin presents the training philosophy taught to him by his father, a legendary scout for the Baltimore Orioles. The book's nine chapters, or "innings," offer clearly detailed, precisely illustrated (by photographer Bill Wood) and incredibly helpful advice on all aspects of batting, base running, infielding and outfielding. The best are the chapters on catching, where Ripkin provides numerous insights into how a catcher can be "a true on-field manager," and on pitching, where Ripkin relies on the insights of John Habyanas, a former player and current pitching guru. He also offers short "Cal's Corner" sidebars with teaching tips. Perhaps the most helpful chapter is the "9th Inning" look at how managers need to examine "behavior issues" in the same way as catching and throwing to help players "cope with their failures and their losses." Copyright Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

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An Oprah Winfrey

 Book Club Selection

Randy Given

Title:  I Don't Mean To Be Rude, But… backstage gossip from American Idol & the secrets that can make you a star    -   by Simon Cowell of American Idol

Binding:  Hard Cover
List price:  $21.95
Your cost:  $6.95
Pages: 227 

Simon Cowell reveals the answer and takes you behind the scenes of American Idol in this wickedly entertaining tell-all. Since the debut of American Idol, puckish Brit judge Simon Cowell has become America’s most notorious critic—not only on account of his incredible instinct for spotting the next breakout musical stars, but for his hilarious, shockingly candid repartee with everyone who crosses his path. Now, true to form, he holds nothing back, offering you a backstage pass to America’s hottest show—the highlights, the gossip, the contestants who blew their chances—and takes you on a whirlwind tour of the music business while sharing his own insider opinions, on everything. Packed with razor-sharp insights into music, the fame game, and pop-music powerhouses from the Beatles to Britney Spears...

A New York Times Bestseller

 "An important addition to the chronicles of America's early space program."
Baltimore Sun

"A rich, behind-the-scenes account."
Houston Chronicle

Title:  Failure is Not an Option: Mission Control from Mercury to Apollo 13 and Beyond

Binding: Paperback
List price:  $14.00
Your cost:  $5.95
Pages: 415

Kranz, a former Air Force fighter pilot, was NASA's flight director from the start of the Mercury program. He worked on each of the Apollo missions, including the fatal Apollo 11 launch; the film "Apollo 13" portrayed how Kranz led the rescue efforts of that crew. This trade paper reprint of Kranz's best-selling memoir comprises his own telling of the Apollo 13 story and much more from the space program's earliest years. Book News (2004)

Plenty of books (and several films) have already tried to depict the space program's excitement; few of their creators had the first-person experience or the attention to detail Krantz offers in this gripping book. When the heroic American astronauts of the '60s and '70s inquired, "Houston, do you read?" it was often Krantz's team who answered from the ground. "If you don't know what to do, don't do anything!" Its climax is Apollo 13, with Krantz serving as "lead flight director" and helping to save the trapped astronauts' lives. His account of that barely averted disaster evokes the adrenalized mood of the flight controllers and the technical problems ("gimbal lock," oxygen status, return trajectories) that had to be solved for the astronauts to survive. Eight photos.

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Imported from the United Kingdom

Title: Beyond the Mist: What Irish Mythology Can Teach Us About Ourselves
Binding:    paperback
List price:  $14.99 (Amazon's price is also $14.99. However, this book shows list price as 7.99 British Pounds on back cover.)
Your cost:    $5.95
Pages:         256 

Beyond the Mist is an introduction to Irish mythology that explains how these stories and legends are relevant throughout time, as well as to us today. This book is a unique study of Irish mythology that is rare, as it is fascinating. Leading psychologist, Peter O'Connor, offers a book about Irish culture that is truly one of a kind.

This book introduces and interprets Irish myths and legends as a means of providing interesting insights and understandings of contemporary life.

Included in this book is a six-page pronunciation guide for the Irish names and places discussed throughout this book.

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